Whethan took no time to establish himself as a dominant force in the
2010’s electronic boom. As the youngest
producer to release on
Australia’s Future Classic label and gaining early recognition from
industry icons and
future collaborators like Oliver Tree and Charli
XCX, the gold-selling Chicago-based artist, producer, and
pioneers new creative territory with each release as he approaches
his fourth album.

With the inception of each sound, his work quickly resonates, having
led to over 1 billion streams and
collaborations with a variety of
artists such as Elley Duhé, Dua Lipa, Yeat, Bipolar Sunshine, Tom
Morello, Nessa
Barrett, The Knocks, Jeremih, glaive, and countless
others. Priding himself in leading a journey of innovation and
content with the laurels of his gold-selling achievements, Whethan
continues to chart new musical territory
and billboards, making a
distinct evolution in sound with each era.

Even after delving into his impressive list of collabs, Whethan’s
production achievements extend even further. His
production credits further showcase his versatility, having produced
for artists such as Joji, The
Chainsmokers, Kygo, Megan Thee Stallion,
Meghan Trainor, and BoyWithUke. Each collaboration not only

enriches his roster but also underscores his significant influence and
adaptability across various music genres.

From the sun-soaked anthems off his debut record, Life of a
Wallflower, Vol. 1 to the dance-pop finesse of his
followup, Fantasy,
to the hypertrap grit of his most recent album, MIDNIGHT,
Whethan’s discography is a
testament to versatility itself.

Now, as we venture into 2024, Whethan is giving fans a long-
awaited return to form. With his recent
announcement of Life of a
Wallflower, Vol. 2, the upcoming project will act as more than just a
nod to his roots,
but a showcase of his growth from then to now. Fans
new and old have much to anticipate for what’s in store this
with LOAW2 acting as both a reflection and maturation of the sound
that made Whethan what he is today.

With his monthly listeners constantly breaking new highs and the
recent viral success of the single, MONEY ON
THE DASH, 2024 is
leading up to be one of the most formative and impactful years of
Whethan’s career yet.
Whethan continues to prove time and time
again that he isn’t just a part of the music scene - he’s shaping it.